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These High-tech Workout Clothes Track Your Body?s Vitals | Gadget Lab | Wired

fitness tracking clothing is in this little black box. Photo: OMsignal This lets OMsignal measure additional stats that are impossible for other wearablesestimates of things like your stress level (derived from blog url heart rate variability) and breathing regularity (are you taking frequent, shallow breaths or slow deep ones?). Because data is being captured at your chest, it should be more accurateor at least less noisythan data gathered from a wrist or some other part of the body. Like other fitness trackers, OMsignal has its own app that translates this data into potentially meaningful, actionable news information. It provides immediate feedback about your fitness and stress levels in the form of different app screens and charts. It can also act as a guide during training sessions. Say youre at the gym, in the middle of some reps and working hard. The app can tell you exactly how much exertion youre putting your body under, and can tell you if youre in the zone for losing weight, or increasing your aerobic capacity.
More http://www.wired.com/2014/05/omsignal-wearable-fitness-tech/

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