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Weight Loss Procedures Disprove The "lack Of Willpower" Myth

The result is a flood of strong workouts signals to the brain that feel like genuine hunger and which may cause even more overeating than before. Certainly, people who criticize the obese as lacking in character have little understanding of the true nature of the struggle. Even people who are dealing with such hard-to-break addictions as cigarette smoking can simply give up tobacco. see here Food, however, is a necessity, not an optional vice; what overeaters are routinely expected to do is the equivalent of an alcoholic being expected to drink just one http://tamicahayeshome.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292939&o=comment&a=commentform&entryid=2580519 glass of red wine per night, and it's next to impossible. More importantly, weight loss surgery patients must exert incredible willpower to get the most out of their bariatric surgery. They are by no means lazy or weak; a lap band or gastric sleeve requires a complete change in diet and one's relationship with food. As the medical specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians have seen many times, exercise is also necessary to guarantee that a weight loss surgery is as effective as necessary. Of course, the BHP staff is always on hand to encourage their patients to take full advantage of bariatric surgery, offering nutritional counseling, follow-ups with the surgeon, and a 24-7 line of support. Where patients go for their bariatric surgery can make a tremendous difference.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/weight-loss-procedures-disprove-lack-193900703.html

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