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Broncos-seahawks Super Bowl Will Be A True Clash Of Styles

On any given play, one of five guys could get the ball. I think that puts pressure on a defense." That is likely among the things the Broncos will try against the Seahawks , who some believe get away with too much contact downfield already. As for Seattle's offense, the unit -- even assuming speedster receiver Percy Harvin returns from a concussion for the game -- is simply not built to go score-for-score with a high-powered machine like the Broncos -- who have punted just once in two playoff games -- because fitness they rely more on a running attack. The Broncos ' defense has been considered vulnerable, but it did shut down a Patriots ground game that had been effective in recent Max Workouts weeks. So the onus will be on the Seattle defense to keep Manning and his myriad receivers -- the big-bodied Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas , the shifty Wes Welker and Eric Decker , the randomly-tossed-to Jacob Tamme and Montee Ball -- in check. The Seahawks will not have to account for a running quarterback like Kaepernick.
Source: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000315788/article/broncosseahawks-super-bowl-will-be-a-true-clash-of-styles

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