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How Princess Beatrice Got Her Bikini Body: Royal Personal Trainer Reveals Workout Secrets

Princess Beatrice I dont do anything in a gym, Fairweather said. Whenever the weather is fine, I get my clients outside. Londoners spend so much time inside I thought it was really important for people to get outside and make use of the citys beautiful parks. Beatrice works hard in every session and trains in all weathers without a single complaint. She decided she wanted to run the marathon so I got her ready for that, Fairweather said. That was an amazing personal challenge. She climbed Mont Blanc about a year ago too, she really loved it. She found it so challenging but amazing. She said it was brilliant and she felt fit, which was really good. We do a full body workout fitness each time I see her, Fairweather revealed. We http://www.solvinginternational.com/archives/865 fit loads into a one-hour session as she has an amazing recovery time between sets of exercises.
Full story http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/14987/20140106/how-princess-beatrice-got-her-bikini-body-royal-personal-trainer-reveals-workout-secrets.htm

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