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Hedstrom Fitness Launches Surge: Dynamic-fluid Living Resistance Training

Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses his weight-loss struggles with Dr. Oz This resistance uniquely challenges the joints and stabilizing structures. After trying this workout for myself I was amazed at the difficulty of max workouts a few moves that appear to be so simple on the DVD. Hedstrom calls this "training for the speed of life" as the users movements ultimately result in building an athletic core capable of anything life and sport can dish out through intense and dynamic training. "In our daily lives we rarely deal with moving stable, balanced objects. Whether its a police officer taking down a suspect, a mother picking up her child, or a firefighter controlling a hose, almost nothing in life is stable and balanced. Therefore, exercise forms like SURGE that can mimic unbalanced movements, enhance performance," said Mike Kelly, CFO, source Hedstrom Fitness. "Originally developed for emergency workout responders, firefighters, military and police, we saw tremendous applications to the fitness world.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/hedstrom-fitness-launches-surge-dynamic-fluid-living-resistance-training

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